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From sourcing publications to cataloguing and processing, simplify your acquisitions and accessions at every step with our specialised bibliographic and technical services. Brochure

Complete acquisitions management system A single access point, fully integrated with our bibliographical database , allows you to select titles and manage every step of your orders. Read more about the tools on offer below.

Online tools

ilibri« - Casalini Bibliographical Database
Our extensive bibliographical database, with over 2,500,000 records to date, is an essential resource for sourcing print and electronic publications of relevance to academic libraries. Updated daily with new titles from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, the database provides detailed publication information enhanced with additional data to aid selection. Each year we add approximately 45,000 titles:
  • 20,000 Italian
  • 10,000 French
  • 10,000 Spanish
  • 2,000 Portuguese
  • 1,700 Greek
An advanced search interface allows you to search using a wide range of criteria. Choose to search for print and electronic titles, or select your preference; use options to search for titles published in the language or country that interests you most; use LC or DDC classification to identify titles in your subject area, adding options to refine results by geographical area and period; view interdisciplinary publications in a range of disciplines; look for specific formats; consult your approval selections online.
It's possible to save combinations of search parameters for future use, creating personalised search tools that make it quicker and easier to consult the database. Searches can beáset up directly from the main search screen and updated easily.
Additional tools designed specifically to aid selection include:
  • dedicated search facilities for Art libraries and for public libraries
  • cover images
  • tables of contents
  • abstracts
  • "core title" icon indicating publications considered by our bibliographers to be essential titles
  • thematic bibliographies selected by our approval experts
  • option to import search results in CSV format
  • MARC records
Order management
Once you've found what you're looking for, titles can be organised into lists of selections and wish lists. Orders can be placed directly, or workflows set up for centralised ordering through a "Master Account", responsible for reviewing and finalising orders. We'd be more than happy to give you detailed descriptions of all Acquisitions Management options on request.
The status of all orders can be viewed online in real time; authorised users can take advantage of our invoice archive to consult, download and print invoices.


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Sourcing, Selection, Supply
We supply print and electronic publications in all formats and subject areas. We specialise in titles from Italy, Spain, the Vatican City, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Greece and Portugal, with a particular focus on the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Our team of native speakers liaises closely with publishers and sources publications of interest through detailed research and active searching with:
  • national catalogues
  • specialist journals
  • newsletters
  • regular visits to publishers, museums, foundations and bookshops
  • attendance at trade fairs
Information on new, quality publications
Our New Title Information, formulated according to personalised bibliographic profiles, keeps you up to date on what's being published in your subject area. Each year we profile over almost 45,000 publications from Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, selected for their relevance to academic and research libraries.
Alerts include both print and electronic publications and are available:
  • as weekly or monthly email lists
  • in MARC format
  • online at
Out-of-print titles
A dedicated department works solely to trace out-of-print works. Searches can be carried out automatically for any out-of-print publication, or by request on a title-by-title basis. We source on average 80% of the out-of-print titles requested.
We are also able to obtain and supply non-commercial publications from small publishers, second hand book dealers, departments, museums and not-for-profit organisations, as well as self-published titles.

Approval Plans

What is an Approval Plan
An Approval Plan allows you to outsource the selection of material for part - or all - of specific collections. We will work with you to formulate a detailed collection development profile and annual budget that will allow us to select titles for automatic supply pending your final "approval". Many of the world's major national, academic and research libraries entrust our selectors with their collections.
We believe that successful Approval plans are based on dialogue and collaboration; a thorough understanding of each individual library's collection development policy is essential.
We work closely with our library colleagues to define and fine-tune approval profiles; regular communication allows us to constantly check and - if necessary - refine our selection criteria.
You're in charge
Approval Plans may be as exclusive or as comprehensive as required and are built around detailed subject profiles and non-subject criteria such as budget, price per volume, format, intellectual level.
We can provide weekly or monthly lists of selected titles and titles falling within their Approval profiles hat have not been selected for various reasons. Selections are sent by email in html or Excel format and may also be viewed on our website.
Our selectors evaluate and select each single title based on detailed consultation of the book. Selections are also cross-checked against stop lists and previous order history to avoid duplication; new incoming orders are also checked. Our attention to detail and experience means that almost 99% of all titles selected are approved and accepted.
Order management tools
We are able to provide MARC "order" records for titles selected; these can be uploaded into your system to create a trace for the order. Invoice records containing additional administrative data are also available on supply.
Budget and expenditure is constantly monitored and regular updates may be provided if required.


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A major bibliographic agency, we produce catalogue records to the standards set by RDA and BIBCO.
Our team is made up of 25 experienced cataloguers with specialist or native skills in various European languages who produce original cataloguing for new Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek publications. Our records conform to
  • Library of Congress Rule Interpretations
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings
  • Library of Congress Classification Schedules
  • Subject Cataloging Manuals
Subject Headings
Detailed attention to authority and identifier management makes us a highly qualified source for library communities. Our cataloguers contribute subject & classification proposals to the NACO and SACO programs of the Program for Co-operative Cataloguing (PCC). We also act as an ISNI Registration Agency and, as such, contribute data to the central ISNI database.
Customers using our cataloguing service are given access to view subject headings, where available, for titles on the ilibri database as an additional selection tool.
We also offer innovative Authority Control services for libraries.
From vendor records to full BIBCO Standard Records, we can provide the level of cataloguing you require to best support your workflows. Our tailor-made cataloguing system allows us to personalise records according to your local requirements and guidelines in different languages. Physical processing options are also available for fully shelf-ready books.
  • MARC records for EDIfact ordering
  • MARC records for order confirmation and tracing
  • MARC invoice records on supply
  • Direct download from the ilibri website
  • FTP transfer
Collaboration and innovation
As active members of international organisations such as EURIG and the Program for Co-operative Cataloguing, we work closely with the leaders of the sector on initiatives to develop and enhance cataloguing practices for the future. Our interest in innovation has led us to contribute to the Italian translation of RDA, among other projects. We are also involved in defining an effective environment for the use of linked data and BIBFRAME by libraries.

Authority Control

We support libraries in their transition to linked data through the provision of innovative solutions that facilitate and improve authority control through automatic and manual procedures, allowing libraries to receive constantly updated information on their bibliographic and authority records from authoritative sources, both in MARC format and in the structure of BIBFRAME linked data. Services are tailored specifically to your library's requirements and may be provided together with our original cataloguing services.
Automated enrichment, reconciliation and validation
Available for bibliographic data in MARC21 or RDF format. Submitted data is checked against a number of leading authoritative sources and updated accordingly. Specially formulated APIs allow for the interrogation of external sources and authority systems. Options are also available for the management of authority data in a fully BIBFRAME oriented scenario and for the automatic updating of authority records sent to libraries.
Manual enrichment, reconciliation and validation
These services cover both the operational part of the original cataloguing processes and editing of existing data. Services include:
  • authority control of the access points of bibliographic records
  • manual enrichment of entities in the access points
  • checking, validation and reconciliation of imported URIs
  • creation of original authority records
  • direct editing of entities represented in RDF


Sourcing, selection, supply
We supply print and electronic periodicals published in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and other European countries.
A dedicated office maintains constant contact with publishers of journals to ensure maximum efficiency, timely delivery and the ability to supply:
  • back issues and issues that are no longer in print
  • non-commercial works and publications from small publishers, museums and not-for-profit organisations
  • irregular publications
Information on new, quality periodicals
First issues of new journals are profiled by our bibliographers and included in our New Title Information alerts, based on your areas of interest.
Simplified workflows
There are a number of advantages to our consolidated subscription management, including:
  • integrated workflows for electronic resources
  • simplified invoicing
  • streamlined and easy renewals procedures
  • journal processing options for full shelf-ready supply
In addition, we will take care of the licence agreements for print, multimedia and online content, arrange for access to be granted and verify that it has been enabled.
E-journals on Torrossa
To enable you to access all your e-content with a single licence, we offer annual subscripions to our Torrossa digital library, which currently hosts over 1,000 e-journals, providing access to content from over 265 Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese publishers.


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Saving you time
All services are implemented according to each individual library's requirements, from traditional hand binding by Florentine craftsmen, to the application of electronic security devices. Options include:
  • Property stamps
  • Barcodes
  • Spine labels
  • Circulation cards
  • Dust jackets
  • Laminate covers for paperbacks
Choose RDA cataloguing in conjunction with processing options for fully shelf-ready books, and make publications available to your patrons as soon as they arrive.