Casalini Libri wurde 1958 von Mario Casalini gegründet und ist heute einer der führenden Anbieter von Publikationen aus dem gesamten europäischen Mittelmeerraum für Bibliotheken und Institutionen auf der ganzen Welt.
Geprägt von unserer Tradition und mit Blick auf Innovationen gerichtet arbeiten wir derzeit mit über 3.000 Bibliotheken und Institutionen sowie mit über 5.500 Verlagen aus über 40 Ländern zusammen.
May 2022

Torrossa platform conforms to international accessibility standards

Following the announcement in 2021 of the collaboration between Casalini Libri and the LIA Foundation for Accessible Italian Books, we are now delighted to report that the Torrossa web platform has been made accessibile, in conformity with internationally recognized requirements for rendering Web content and reading solutions as accessible as possible for people with disabilities.
Torrossa is compatible with the most recent versions of principal browsers and screen readers; in addition, Casalini Libri is also working to implement a new content reader, based on an open-source solution of the Readium LCP, to further facilitate accessible reading for e-content. An additional objective is to make it possible for alternative descriptions of the images in the titles to be read in line with the text, using the screen-reader.
February 2022

Torrossa Digital Library expands exponentially with thousands of European research publications

More than 100 new publishers joined the platform in 2021, delivering a 400% increase in the academic content on offer to institutions.
Casalini Libri and Erasmus Boekhandel are delighted to announce the success of the first phase of their joint investment to amplify and strengthen the coverage of publishing from across Europe in the Torrossa digital library.
In the first year of this investment, the digital library has expanded fourfold, with a substantial part of the growth coming from independent publishers and international groups publishing in English and French languages, as well as a significant increase in full-text content from Italian and Spanish publishers, traditionally at the core of the library's digital collections.
September 2021

Share-VDE 2.0 entity-based discovery platform

Casalini Libri and @Cult announce the release of the Share-VDE 2.0 linked data management system and entity discovery platform, a pioneering and effective environment that uses linked data to connect and present authoritative data from a growing network of libraries. Share-VDE 2.0 aims to facilitate the exchange and reuse of bibliographic data, at the same time increasing the visibility of and enabling wider access to knowledge.
A collaborative effort, initially undertaken as a research & development project, in 2016 Share-VDE has evolved to become both a real and effective pilot environment influenced by the vision of the LD4P initiatives for the practical application of Linked Open Data for the LAM domain, and progressively an authoritative linked data node. By implementing the BIBFRAME data model and incorporating Share-VDE adaptations, Share-VDE enriches, reconciles, clusterizes and converts the authority and bibliographic MARC data of participant libraries in a dynamic, discoverable format, providing a reliable and up-to-date source of data complete with a set of advanced tools and services that also facilitate interoperability with IFLA LRM.
The explanation of position of Share-VDE is outlined in the Share-VDE Statement.
April 2021

Online teaching material in the Torrossa Digital Library

Casalini Libri has opened a new sales and distribution channel for academic content in e-book format, making texts available in Torrossa with the specific aim of supporting distance learning.
We have always believed in digital innovation as a complementary format to paper; now, more than ever, we are convinced that the digital format can assist in allowing publications to be accessed by all those who need them to carry out study and research.
Over forty publishers have already joined the initiative and more are expected to pledge their participation during this year. Valuable, constructive and ongoing collaboration with institutions in identifying the titles of greatest interest means that Torrossa is continually enriched with new content.
March 2021

Casalini Libri and Fondazione LIA for Accessibility

True to its mission to support the dissemination of culture, Casalini Libri has, through the years, provided increasingly advanced tools to facilitate access to academic research and cultural content for scholars from all over the world. Since the early 2000s its Digital Division and Torrossa platform have offered libraries and institutions the possibility to consult academic texts in the Humanities and Social Sciences in digital format.
In the context of the overall renewal of our technological infrastructure, Casalini Libri has recently embarked on an important collaboration with the LIA Foundation for Accessible Italian Books in order to achieve and ensure full compliancy with the European Accessibility Act when it comes into force in 2025.
Casalini Libri web developers and programmers have already begun specialised training with the LIA team of accessible publishing and assistive technologies in order to adapt the Torrossa platform to conform with accessibility standards by the end of 2021, referring to internationally recognized requirements for rendering Web content and reading solutions as accessible as possible.
Full details are available at the accessible and constantly updated web page
February 2021

Torrossa Digital Library: wider horizons for extended coverage

Casalini Libri and Erasmus Boekhandel welcome prestigious international publishers to the Torrossa Digital Library, enhancing its catalogue with high quality French and English language digital content.
Well known as an important source for digital publications in the Humanities and Social Science from Italy and the Vatican City, Spain and Portugal, Torrossa now considerably extends its coverage. A result of the recently established collaboration and increasingly fruitful synergy between Casalini Libri and Erasmus Boekhandel, new agreements have been defined with several prominent publishers from France, the Netherlands, the UK, United States and further afield.
Over twenty imprints join more than 300 publishers already hosted on the platform, with in excess of 20,000 e-books added to the catalogue in the first few months of collaboration and yet more to come.
November 2020

Casalini Libri and @Cult

Casalini Libri joins forces with its historic partner @Cult, a software house based in Rome and specializing in the design and development of solutions for information management and knowledge sharing. The union both strengthens and furthers the Casalini mission to promote the dissemination of culture through increasingly advanced services to libraries, institutions and publishers.
Aware of the changes required by digital transformation and committed to providing solutions, @Cult responds perfectly to the operational needs of the new Casalini - Erasmus - Houtschild group. It is therefore natural that it should become the new centre for research and development within the company, at the same time guaranteeing maximum autonomy and enhancing professional skills, to the benefit of all those who work and collaborate with Casalini Libri.
June 2020 Our new Digital Library now online

Torrossa Digital Library receives a newly restyled and enhanced interface as part of an ongoing investment in technological innovation and improving user experience.The new look and improved digital library aims to provide the best possible tools and user experience to all our collaborators, customers and library patrons.
April 2020

Casalini Libri, Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel, Houtschild Internationale Boekhandel

As we all continue to deal with this particularly challenging situation, we would like to share a moment of positivity with some exciting news. Casalini Libri has acquired, along with Mr. Dirk Raes, the Dutch based companies Erasmus Antiquariaat en Boekhandel (with offices in Amsterdam and Paris) and Houtschild Internationale Boekhandel.
December 2019

Penn Libraries Partners with Casalini Libri, @Cult to Develop Linked-Data Discovery Interface

In tandem with Casalini Libri and @Cult, the Penn Libraries is developing an experimental system based on the Share-Virtual Discovery Environment (Share-VDE) project which will be available in mid 2020.
October 2019

Available soon on Torrossa: Biblioteca dell'«Archivum Romanicum»

Thanks to the latest chapter in Leo S. Olschki's ongoing digitization project, the complete collections of the long-established and respected monographic series Biblioteca dell'«Archivum Romanicum» will soon be available in electronic format in the Torrossa Digital Library.
June 2019

Award of the Laurea magistrale ad honorem to Michele Casalini

It is with both enormous pride and great pleasure that our CEO, Michele Casalini, has accepted from the University of Florence an honorary degree celebrating his dedication and contribution to the field of Library and Information Science.
March 2019

Advancements to our Torrossa Digital Library and Bookstore

True to our mission of investing in technological innovation to provide the best possible services to libraries and publishers, we have recently begun a significant undertaking to upgrade and improve access to the electronic resources available on Torrossa. A renewed and reystyled platform, in turn, allows us to further enhance the range of content available in our digital library and bookstore.
October 2018

Torrossa Digital Library: autumn update

We are pleased to announce new publications by the prestigious publishers Carocci, Leo S.Olschki, Franco Angeli, Fabrizio Serra and Iberoamericana.
October 2018

Casalini Libri Linked Data services

As one of the major bibliographic agencies for data regarding European publications, Casalini Libri is particularly interested in Linked Data and the opportunities that this method of publishing structured data provides for widening the dissemination and increasing the discoverability of bibliographic data.In recent years we have been an active participant in discussions on Linked Data, metadata standards and BIBFRAME both in the US and Europe.
October 2018

Law content on Torrossa

Specialist e-books and e-journals from prestigious Italian and Spanish publishers.
June 2018

Olschki e-journals - La Parola del Passato now available on Torrossa

The complete archive of La Parola del Passato journal, from 1946 to 2014, is now available on Torrossa thanks to the latest digitisation effort by Leo S. Olschki publishing house.
May 2018

Torrossa Digital Library: Spring update

The Torrossa platform provides visibility, distribution support and technology to academic publishers, while simplifying purchasing, licensing and access for institutions.
January 2018

Fiesole Collection Development Retreat 2018

The theme for this edition, the 20th in the series, is "Serving Learning and Scholarship". The 2018 Fiesole Retreat will once again examine new technologies and service models, as well as issues in collection development and librarianship.
October 2017

Torrossa Digital Library: Autumn update

New collections are now available from Olschki, including all 2016 titles, and a new set of 150 titles from Iberoamericana. We are also pleased to announce that we have signed new agreements with several publishers such as: CPL - Centro Primo Levi; Inschibboleth edizioni; Edizioni Epoké; Passigli Editori; Silex ediciones.
June 2017

Casalini Libri is an ISNI Registration Agency

On March 1, 2017 Casalini Libri became an ISNI Registration Agency, with the scope to contribute data to the central ISNI database, provide ISNI related services to organisations and users in the information chain, as well as to support data enrichment and procedures for the reconciliation of entities.
May 2017

Shibboleth now available on Torrossa Platform

We are pleased to announce that Shibboleth is now available on the Torrossa platform, widening the range of access options to the platform for libraries and their users.
April 2017

EURIG annual meeting 2017

The annual meeting of EURIG 2017 in Florence and Fiesole will examine current demands in the application of RDA and possible challenges for the future.
April 2017

Leo S. Olschki on Torrossa - Titles published in 2016

The Leo S. Olschki publishing house has now released the electronic editions of a further 52 monographs, published during 2016. These titles join essential sources of material for researchers of Literature, Art, History, Classical Studies, Music and Bibliography already present on the Torrossa platform, encompassing the publisher's entire catalogue from 2000 to 2016.
April 2017

Torrossa Spring Update 2017

Some of the most prominent and historical Italian publishers will become available on Torrossa in the next few months, including Adelphi, Baldini e Castoldi, Bollati Boringhieri, Bompiani, Donzelli, Gangemi, Garzanti, Giuffré, Laterza, Marsilio, Ponte alle Grazie, Rosenberg & Sellier and UTET.
March 2017

Fiesole Collection Development Retreat 2017

The 2017 Fiesole Retreat will examine the theme of "The Evolving Scholarly Environment", discussing new technologies and business models, as well as the re-emerging role of collection development and librarianship in the continuing digital evolution of the scholarly ecosystem.
January 2017

Prestigious new publishers on Torrossa in 2017

A new agreement with the e-content supplier Edigita will see archives and new content from a number of Italian publishers made available on Torrossa in the next few months.

Linked Data for Libraries:
Casalini Libri and the Evolution of Cataloguing

Why is Linked Data important for the future of libraries? Linking bibliographic data increases the dissemination and discoverability of a vast quantity of resources that, until now, have often remained hidden from sight in catalogues and archives.
Over the decades times - and fashions - have changed, communications have improved, and information is much more easily accessible, but bibliographic information remains absolutely essential for academic librarians. One of the very first services we provided has always been one of our strengths and priorities, as well as the foundation for many of our later services.
The Share - Linked Data Environment transforms bibliographic information into Linked Data, revealing it to a wider audience and encouraging greater engagement with library, archive and museum collections.
The Share family library driven initiatives are promoted by the Share-VDE Advisory Council, its working groups, by the international community of participating institutions, by Casalini Libri and its sister company, @Cult.

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