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News - October 2017 Torrossa Digital Library: autumn update
The Torrossa platform provides visibility, distribution support and technology to academic publishers, while simplifying purchasing, licensing and access for institutions.
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Who we are Casalini Libri is a family-run business, established by Mario Casalini in 1958 in response to a need for timely bibliographic information and supply of Italian publications. Now under the direction of Mario's children, the ninety-strong team remains both faithful to the traditions of the business and committed to innovation.
Casalini Libri is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of publications from across Southern Europe to libraries and institutions worldwide. We currently work with over 3,000 libraries and institutions, and more than 5,500 publishers from over 40 countries.
Our mission We aim to advance the profile of European culture and scholarship across the globe, providing a first-class bibliographic search and supply service for academic libraries and supporting publishers through promotion and distribution.
We value and work closely with our partners, developing customised services to assist publishers and institutions in facing the challenges of scholarly publishing in a changing market.
What we offer We provide an efficient and personalised service for libraries, combining the supply of publications with a range of solutions that facilitate selection, acquisition and processing workflows. Our dedicated services for publishers range from subscription management to co-ordinated sales for print and electronic editions.
Our full text platform, Torrossa, hosts an array of scholarly e-books and e-journals from a wide variety of prestigious publishers from Southern Europe, providing visibility, support and technology to academic publishers, while simplifying purchasing, licensing and access for institutions.
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Library Services Consolidated Supply of European Publications Casalini Libri offers rapid and precise supply of European books and journals in all formats and subject areas.
Rush ordering and out-of-print searching complete our supply services.
Collection Development Services Assisting libraries in the development of their collections has always been central to our objectives. Personalised New Title Information is available to librarians free of charge, while our book Approval Plan services give libraries the assurance that professional bibliographers will make selections with book in hand to precise subject, non-subject and budget requirements. Cataloguing & Technical Services Cataloguing options range from vendor records to RDA BIBCO records. All records can contain order and invoice data, ToC, and can be remapped as required. Records are created in house by experienced cataloguers who contribute new authority records to the national authority file and make subject and classification proposals through participation in the NACO and SACO programs of the Program for Cooperative Cataloguing (PCC).

Casalini Libri is currently involved in the Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) data model implementation.
ilibri® - Casalini Bibliographical Database Our bibliographical database is an essential resource for sourcing print and electronic publications of relevance to academic libraries. Title records are enhanced with additional data to aid selection. Online order management tools allow users to select, order, check the status of orders and view invoices easily online. Our Website for LIBRARIES - 
Publisher Services Promotion and Distribution A complete range of promotion and distribution services facilitate publicity and sales in a highly specialised market. Our new title announcements, bibliographic records and targeted promotions reach prestigious libraries and cultural institutions worldwide. Services include subscription management and co-ordinated sales for print and electronic books. Content Hosting Our full text platform, Torrossa, aims to support Southern European publishers in meeting the demands of digital publishing.
We produce metadata and assign DOI to maximise content discoverability, and offer personalised services for the management of content, including DRM protection for the secure online publication of titles. A dedicated client management interface provides access to sales reports and usage statistics.
Intermediary Services We offer a broad spectrum of intermediary services for publishers, providing communication and negotiation with a range of consortia, agencies, discovery services and repositories to facilitate sales, publicity, web indexing for greater visibility and inclusion in long-term archives and repositories such as CLOCKSS and Portico. Our Website for PUBLISHERS - 
Digital Library Torrossa® - Casalini Full Text Platform An evolution of our existing digital library project, the Torrossa platform was launched in 2011 to extend our mission for the current market.
Torrossa provides visibility to Southern European publishers and supports them in meeting the demands of digital publishing.
Torrossa aims to offer institutions a resource that gives access to scholarly e-books and e-journals, at the same time simplifying acquisitions, licensing and integration with the library catalogue.
Content Torrossa hosts an array of scholarly content in the Humanities and Social Sciences from a wide range of renowned publishers from Italy, Spain and more, making it an essential resource for libraries with an interest in current scholarly publishing from Southern Europe. Access The platform provides access to an unlimited number of users working on your institution's network or proxy, and can be consulted on PC, tablet or smartphone. Discovery Casalini Libri simplifies digital acquisitions, licensing and integration with the library OPAC through the inclusion of electronic titles in our online databases and ordering workflows, the provision of MARC records for e-books and ongoing collaboration with major Discovery services. Discover all TORROSSA Collections -  TORROSSA Website - 
Online Bookstore Torrossa Store The secure online bookshop from Casalini Libri offers a wide variety of research-level content in the Humanities and Social Sciences from a range of important academic publishers, making it the ideal starting point for all your academic research, study or personal reading. Find information Browse our user-friendly interface to find thousands of books, journals, chapters and articles from Italy, Spain, France and Portugal, all in electronic format. Access information Visit the store at any time and anywhere, on your PC, tablet or smartphone.
Search for key terms within the full text and publication details, filter results and view the terms in context.
Use information Purchase the texts you need securely using PayPal or credit card and download them from your order archive.
Create a personal workspace to add tags and notes, and create exportable title lists and bibliographies.
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October 2017
Torrossa Digital Library: autumn update
The Torrossa platform provides visibility, distribution support and technology to academic publishers, while simplifying purchasing, licensing and access for institutions.
New collections are now available from Olschki, including all 2016 titles, and a new set of 150 titles from Iberoamericana. We are also pleased to announce that we have signed new agreements with several publishers such as: CPL - Centro Primo Levi; Inschibboleth edizioni; Edizioni Epoké; Passigli Editori; Silex ediciones.
At the very end of the ordering process on customers now have the option to filter selections on the basis of format (ebook or print) and process them separately using the account of the customer's choice. We have made this facility available to assist our customers requiring separate management of digital and print budgets.
Shibboleth institutional login is now available on the Torrossa platform. Shibboleth is among the world's most widely deployed federated identity solutions, connecting users to applications both within and between organisations. It provides Single Sign-On capabilities and allows sites to make informed authorisation decisions for individual access of protected online resources in a privacy-preserving manner.
A dedicated portal now gives academic publishers the possibility to reach a wider audience by offering research content to the scientific community in Open Access.
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Casalini Libri
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Mario Casalini
Mario Casalini was born in Florence in 1926. The only child of art-loving parents, he grew up with them in a very cultured home and was educated both at home and at schools in the city. He spoke four languages fluently, was an avid reader and loved and had a profound knowledge of all aspects of the arts and the humanities.

Although he first worked with his father, a master printer, in his printing company, Tipografia Carnesecchi, Mario Casalini was drawn instinctively to books and publishing. So determined was he, as a young man, to enter the Florentine publishing house La Nuova Italia that he even took out a personal loan to raise the necessary capital to join as a very junior director. He succeeded, against quite high odds, and was connected with the direction of the company for many years, representing it all over the world and eventually becoming its president. He was also vice-president of the Italian Publishers' Association.

When he finally retired it was with the aim of being ever more present in the growing family business, Casalini Libri, which he had founded in the late 1950s. In recent years he was more and more closely involved in its running and travelled widely, almost until his death, to visit the libraries which use Casalini's bibliographical records and acquire their Italian books through the company. Through these contacts over the years he made many true and cherished friends.

A man of many interests, he was a connoisseur of classical and chamber music and was involved in the management of a number of associations for music lovers in Florence and in the organization of their concerts and cultural events. He was a founding member of Musicus Concentus and directed the Associazione Amici della Musica di Firenze. While Musicus Concentus is now more closely involved with jazz than with classical music, the Associazione Amici della Musica still, today, promotes some of the most important programmes of chamber music in the city. Mario Casalini was also instrumental in founding the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, now considered one of the most prestigious music schools in Italy.

The environment also came high on his list. He was a firm believer in protecting nature and its resources in all possible ways and was an active member of two important Italian environmental associations, Italia Nostra and Firenze Viva.

Nor did his love of publishing ever leave him. A few years ago he also took over a small but prestigious publishing house, Cadmo, of which he was very proud. It produces a limited number of titles each year, but all of them are academic.

Unpretentious and essentially a family man, he died at his home, "La Torrossa" on the hillside near Fiesole, where he had lived since he was a small boy, first with his parents and later with his wife Gerda and his three children. The family company, now run by his daughter Barbara and son Michele is also based nearby.

Casalini's BIBFRAME activities

The development of future bibliographic formats is currently the subject of discussion within the library community, BIBFRAME (Bibliographic Framework Initiative) is emerging as one such possible data model. This new framework aims to harness the potential of Linked Data for libraries, museums, and archives providing greater visibility and discoverability; making bibliographic information more flexible and accessible to end users.
Casalini Libri is particularly interested in Linked Data and the opportunities created by this method of publishing structured data in order to continue to meet the needs and expectations of the library community. Although the technology has not yet come of age, this is a unique and fascinating period in which new standards, models and guidelines are in the process of being shaped. The activities of Casalini Libri in this field can be divided into four main areas of focus:

The enrichment of MARC records with Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to simplify their conversion into Linked Data / BIBFRAME;
The conversion of data from MARC format to Resource Description Framework (RDF), using the BIBFRAME data model;
The reconciliation processes of varying forms of the same entity;
The publication of the bibliographical and authority data on a three layered portal following the BIBFRAME data model in order to optimize the various user group interfaces.

Given the dynamic nature of current developments, short­ term projects are a particularly useful approach that can provide real answers. At the same time, individual tools are being developed, tested and shaped in order to re­design the emerging information chain. This information will form the foundation upon which future plans are based.
In relation to our investment in this field Casalini Libri has recently become an ISNI Registration Agency.

This scheme illustrates the conversion, distribution and publication options Casalini is working on:

A library community driven Research & Development project that Casalini Libri is implementing with its partner company @Cult and in cooperation with sixteen North American istitutions is the SHARE-VDE initiative.

For enquiries or further information please contact us at

The developments in the Linked Data field are based on the Casalini Libri and @Cult partnership.

SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment Project
The realization of this project is based on the Casalini Libri and @Cult partnership.

Enriched MARC21 records and BIBFRAME datasets production and distribution are developed, and a prototype of a virtual discovery environment based on the three BIBFRAME layer architecture (Person/Work, Instance, Item) is established. This is done through the individual processes of analysis, entity identification and reconciliation, conversion and publication from Marc21 to RDF, and in the context of libraries with different systems, habits and cataloging traditions.
In addition, the project creates a database of relationships and a common knowledge base of clusters that uses the paradigms of the semantic web, at the same time, allowing the libraries to continue to handle their data as independently as possible. The project will also identify issues and problems related to these new information management processes and propose solutions.
The involved components, tools and services - from entity identification and reconciliation processes, data enrichment, conversion and supply procedures, to the virtual discovery environment portal and the related user groups oriented interfaces - are designed to be available individually in as flexible configuration as possible for the needs of the library community.

Among the general goals
To reach a concrete, joint experience in the Linked Data environment for a group of libraries on which they can build future plans;
To discuss, experiment and configure together with the library community the options of the forthcoming data creation, enhancement and supply services for this new context for all type of resources;
To achieve a granularity and richness of relationships within library data, which is often hidden or unexpressed in a traditional Marc record;
To prepare an enriched environment in RDF which is useful for both library patrons - who can take advantage of more advanced discovery interfaces - and librarians looking to recreate cataloguing functions in RDF together with integration of processes with the local ILS and the redesign of, for example, selection functions also in a shared collaborative environment.

The participant Institutions
- Stanford University (Phase 1/2)
- University of California Berkeley (Phase 1/2)
- Yale University (Phase 1/2)
- Library of Congress (Phase 1/2)
- University of Chicago (Phase 1/2)
- University of Michigan Ann Arbor (Phase 1/2)
- Harvard University (Phase 1/2)
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Phase 1)
- Duke University (Phase 2)
- Cornell University (Phase 1)
- Columbia University (Phase 1)
- University of Pennsylvania (Phase 1/2)
- Pennsylvania State University (Phase 2)
- Texas A&M University (Phase 1/2)
- University of Alberta (Phase 2)
- University of Toronto (Phase 1)

The project started in October 2016, the first two phases will last 12 months, and the first set of deliverables, including the publication of the first version of the SHARE-VDE platform, were released in December 2016.

For enquiries or further information please contact us at
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