BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe
7th Annual Meeting
19-20 September 2023
KBR Royal Library of Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
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BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2023

The aim of the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe is to be a forum for sharing knowledge about the practice of, production with, and planning of BIBFRAME implementation.
We bring together people working in the transition from MARC to Linked Data using the BIBFRAME model and related tools.
The workshop areas are strongly focused on the practical implementation of BIBFRAME, not a theoretical Linked Data / Semantic Web event.

Venue at EUI, Fiesole 2018

Venue at NLS, Stockholm 2019

Venue at NSL, Budapest 2022

Speeches & Presentations

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Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations is now open.

The Bibliographic Framework Initiative (BIBFRAME) is a transformative development for the library and information science community. BIBFRAME provides a linked data model for bibliographic description and organization, replacing the traditional MARC format with a flexible and extensible system. This new model allows for enhanced interoperability and access to library resources across various platforms, as well as enabling new opportunities for data integration and discovery.

This conference aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders from the library and information science community to discuss and explore the implications and potential of BIBFRAME. We welcome submissions of original research, case studies, and practical applications related to BIBFRAME and its impact on library services, data management, and user experience.

We welcome presentations on a wide spectrum of different viewpoints to BIBFRAME. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

 • Experiences: Data creation and hybrid workflows (MARC 21 and BIBFRAME)
 • Implementation: Strategies and challenges
 • Interoperability: Data conversion and migration; ILS integrations
 • Standards: Interplay of BIBFRAME with other standards, such as cataloging guidelines (RDA), provenance data; BIBFRAME as an open standard
 • Technology: BIBFRAME tools and technologies
 • User-centered design and user experience
 • BIBFRAME and digital scholarship, specialized domains
 • BIBFRAME and entity management

We look forward to a vibrant and informative conference that will advance our understanding and application of BIBFRAME, and its potential to transform the library and information science profession.

We are currently working to create a productive and engaging programme and expect a draft to be presented by the end of June. All news and developments will be shared on this page as soon as they are made available.

Proposals for contributions are still welcome; if you wish to submit a proposal, please use the submission form.


Registration is open.

Participation in the meeting is free of charge.
Please note that all participants must register for the event.
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Organizer Group

Harriet Aagaard, National Library of Sweden
Michele Casalini, Casalini Libri and Share-VDE (Spokesperson)
Matias Frosterus, National Library of Finland
Reinhold Heuvelmann, German National Library
Hannes Lowagie, Royal Library of Belgium (2023 Host)
Sally H. McCallum, Library of Congress - NDMSO
Nancy Lorimer, Stanford University Libraries and LD4P
Bjørge Vestli, National Library of Norway


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