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Library customers may download our NTI form to request monthly updates of bibliographical data relative to new Italian, French, Spanish and/or Portuguese publications here
Integrated Library Services for the Acquisition of European Publications

We are pleased to share the latest news from Casalini Libri. While Casalini has earned its reputation by providing Italian publications to academic libraries throughout the world, the scope of our activity has expanded to the supply of European publications. We are pleased to provide details of our European supply services:
Consolidated supply of European Monograph orders, Standing orders and Periodical subscriptions
Casalini Libri supplies monographs, monographic series, serials and periodicals published in Italy (the Italian peninsula and adjacent islands), France, Spain and Portugal in all formats, including online. In addition, we offer to combine the supply of European publications with a range of integrated and electronic services which libraries may employ in various ways to suit their own internal acquisitions and collection management procedures.
New Title Information
To facilitate acquisitions, Casalini Libri offers regular NTI updates relative to new publications of Italy, France, Spain and Portugal according to customized bibliographical profiles free of charge. Customers may choose to receive data for one or all of the countries covered and may select the specific subject area(s) of interest and format preferred. Our NTI updates are available in paper card format, in the form of an e-mail attachment or can be accessed online through the i libri Database® at
Online selection and ordering facilities
Libraries who wish to integrate part or all of their selection and acquisitions workflows online may implement the Casalini Libri web site to the degree that most suits their needs. Online options include:
  • Searching of extended New Title Information in our i libri Database® and le riviste Database®
  • Create a Selection List or a Wish List and save with local order data
  • Send Title information and Selection Lists automatically via e-mail
  • Download bibliographical records in MARC format (authorized users)
  • Place orders online (authorized users)
  • Check status of orders online
Book Approval Plans
Now available for Italian, French, Spanish or Portuguese publications in all subject areas. Profiles are established individually with coverage level, subject and non-subject parameters defined by the library. Indeed, the coverage offered with our approval plan services can be as comprehensive or as selective as the library’s specific scope and budget require.
MARC 21 Basic and Catalogue records
Casalini Libri offers a range of MARC services to support the acquisitions and cataloguing work of its library customers. MARC21 records can be supplied via e-mail or ftp and may contain embedded order and invoice data for all materials ordered and/or supplied on Firm, Approval and Standing Order. All MARC21 tags can be remapped according to the library’s specifications. Libraries may choose from three record types:
  • Basic (brief bibliographic description)
  • Enhanced (with LC call number and LC subject heading)
  • Basic or enhanced with URL for tables of contents
Libraries may choose to implement our MARC records together with the physical processing options described below to achieve shelf-ready book supply.
Physical processing
Casalini Librioffers a range of services for books and periodicals tailored to library requirements. These include:
  • Binding
  • Shelf labels (LC call number)
  • Bookplates (self-adhesive)
  • Library stamps
  • Magnetic security strips
  • Mylar dust jackets
  • Customer barcodes
  • Inventory numbers
Barcodes, inventory numbers and shelf labels can be incorporated into MARC records and EDI invoices. We invite libraries to specify their particular requirements; in response Casalini Libri will propose an appropriate combination of services to realise a library-specific shelf-ready or fast-track service for European publications.
EDI in EDIFACT format
  • Casalini Libri accepts and loads Firm Orders transmitted electronically in EDIFACT format.
  • Casalini Libri provides electronic invoices for periodicals and monographs in EDIFACT format.

Library customers may download our NTI form to request monthly updates of bibliographical data relative to new Italian, French, Spanish and/or Portuguese publications here
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